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‘Will’ vs ‘Be going to’

Youtube의 영어회화 | 시제 | 미래시제 | will 과 be going to의 차이를 기억하기 위해 정리한 내용입니다.


Will Be going to
의미 의사/의지를 표현 계획, 예정
Usage I’ll ask her when I see her I’m going to give a presentation in class

Be going to

이미 하기로 결정난 것. (계획, 예정)

I’m going to wake up early tomorrow.
I’m going to go to bed late tonight.
I’m going to watch a movie this weekend.
I’m going to hang out with my friends tonight.
I’m going to have a drink.


‘하겠다’라는 의사/의지를 표현

You don’t have to do that, I’ll do that.
I’ll lend you 50 dollars.
I’ll help you.
I’ll ask her when I see her.

Will vs Be going to

계획/예정 이냐 아니냐의 관점에서 판단하면 될 듯

Q. My mother is sick right now and she’s at the hospital.

A. 아. 네 알고 있습니다. 이번 주말에 병문안 드릴겁니다.
Yes, I know. I’m going to visit her this weekend
B. 아. 정말요? 어쩌죠? 너무 유감이에요. 제가 이번 주말에 병문안 드릴게요.
Oh, really? I’m so sorry to hear that. I’ll visit her this weekend.


Next week, on Monday, I’m going to give a presentation in calss, so I’m going to prepare for that this weekend.
I’ll take care of that
I’ll drive you to the airport.
I’ll stop by the convenient store on my way there